Sunday, April 21, 2019
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Our keepers are learning English at EPRC

At the end of every Tuesday and Thursday, our keepers gather for an hour to learn English. The course is designed to teach them speaking and listening in their daily husbandry work. There’re 2 different groups learning in different days, so the other group stays longer to finish center’s work while the learning group comes to class. 

Beside a Vietnamese teaching assistant, keepers also have foreign volunteers to be their teachers. At the moment, we have Clara Renner from Germany and Govinda Lienart from Belgium. They both enjoy teaching the class with engaging materials and endless patience.

“We have pretty many things to do in a day, but if we just try practicing 5 minutes a day, we’ll be fluent” – said Nga, one of the most hard-working students of the class. Nga has never missed a class and always come prepared with a pen and a notebook full of new vocabulary.

“Building up staff capacity is one of the EPRC’s main priorities, and teaching English is a part of the plan. While making it fun and easy for the students, who’re already tired after a working day, our course content focus on husbandry topics to make it useful for their work.” – shared Sonya Prosser, our Director.

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