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EPRC activities for January and February 2017

In January, the EPRC received our first animal for the year, a Pygmy loris, (Nycticebus pygmaeus) being kept illegally in Hanoi was surrendered  to us on the 11th of January. She weighed 660g and is good condition.

Later in the month we received two young Northern yellow-cheeked gibbons, (Nomascus annamensis), who have been named ‘Pille’ and ‘Palle’. We estimate that Pille and Palle are between 4 and 5 years old, and were confiscated by the HaiPhong police before been transferred to the EPRC.

In February, the EPRC is lucky to have Bonnie Rapheal, an experienced wildlife veterinarian from the Wildlife Conservation Society, join our team for 1 month. Bonnie is helping us to perform health checks on our gibbons and teaching us many things! First up,  a health check for ‘Pille’ and ‘Palle’.

Also in February we had the first births for the year. On the 8th a new Red-shanked douc langur baby, (Pygathrix nemaeus) born to  Laura and Basti and on the 18th a new Hatinh langur (Trachypithecus hatinhensis) to Willy and Mia. For more information:  www.eprc.asia 

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