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Interests on Site

Visitor's Center.

Cuc Phuong's Visitor Center introduces you to some of the park's valuable natural resources and its unique environment. It aims to increase the conservation awareness of visitors and is of particular value to students. Therefore, the Visitor Center should be the first stop on any visitor’s itinerary in Cuc Phuong. In the Visitor Center, you can learn more about Cuc Phuong and the natural environment through the pictures, documents and interpretations on display. Visitor Center tries to educate tourists about the natural forces that built and developed life on earth. It also shows the present degradation of the environment and the visible, and invisible, consequences of this as a result of man's unsustainable exploitation of natural resources. The center aims to raise environmental awareness and remind everyone of their responsibility towards nature and the environment.

Main Treks.

Botanical Garden Loop Trail.
A flat, easy stroll best done in the early morning.
3km, 1.5-2hours, easy - interpreter/guide required.

The Cuc Phuong Botanical Garden was established in 1985 and was also the first to be situated within a national park and protected area system in Vietnam. One of the only three botanical gardens in Vietnam to be registered in the list of International Botanical Gardens. Cuc Phuong's Botanical Garden preserves gene resources and rare plants, forming a semi-wild, protected enclosure for wildlife release programs. It is the perfect place for a walk, especially early in the morning. While strolling in the gardens, you can listen to Gibbons and birds singing at dawn.

Observation Lookout.
A short, steep climb will reward you with a wonderful view of the forested hills.
300m + return, 0.5-1hour, moderate - interpreter/guide on request.

Muong Hamlet.
A 16km trek through primary forest and one night in a traditional stilt house.
Duration 2-3 days, moderate - interpreter/guide required.

Jungle trek.
An adventurous 20km camping trip, accompanied by a park guide and local scout. Trip includes night spotting and all equipment. Bring appropriate footwear.
Duration 2 days, difficult, max 5 people - interpreter/guide required.

Jungle trek and villages.
Also an adventurous 30km camping trip with a village home-stay, accompanied by a park guide and local scout. Trip includes night-spotting and all equipment. Bring appropriate footwear. Duration 3 days, difficult, max 5 people - interpreter/guide required. Centers: Open daily is the Endangered Primate Rescue Centre, Turtle Conservation Centre and Visitor Centre.

Specialty Tours from Park HQ.
Enquire at the tourism office. Tours can be specifically tailored to meet individual interests, these include: caving; river bamboo rafting; village cycling; insects, reptile and amphibian spotting; bird-watching; night- spotting; biodiversity hotspots; orchid/flower trails; extensive treks; historical relics and more.

Mac lake & National park road.

Main Treks.
Mac lake mountain peak.
A challenging climbs to a top of mountain, interpreter/guide required

Bird watching
An easy path, interpreter/guide required.

Cave of the Prehistoric Man.
An easy path to a multi-chambered cave, now a refuge for bats.
300m, 0.5 - 1hour, easy - interpreter/guide on request. Torch essential.

Fossil and Ancient Tree Loop Trail
Take the more adventurous hiker deep into dense primary forest. Keep an eye out for ancient fossils and wildlife. 9km loop trail, 3 - 4hours, moderate - interpreter/guide required.

Park Center (Bong sub-station)

Main Treks:
Thousand Year Old Tree Loop Trail and Palace Cave
A well established trail, good for wildlife spotting, bird-watching. Bring a torch for the cave.
7km loop trail, 2-3hours, moderate - interpreter/guide recommended, on request.
Ancient Tree.
A paved path, ideal for bird-watching and an easy stroll through primary forest.
3km + return, 1.5-2hours, easy - interpreter/guide on request.
Silver Cloudy Peak
A challenging climbs to Cuc Phuong's tallest peak.

The Center No II

Bamboo rafting.
1,5 – 2 hours, interpreter/guide required.
Ngan Hang cave
An easy path, 2 – 3 hours, interpreter/guide required.
Muong village
An easy path, you can either cycle or walk, 1 – 2 days, interpreter/guide required.

All Tours in the National Park

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